pixlr and sumo paint


Pixlr is an open-source online photo editor, which is able to perform much of the same functions as Photoshop free of charge. Best of all? No downloads – it works on the web!  Here are some great Pixlr resources:

Pixlr Blog – great tutorials, info and more.

Squidoo’s Pixlr Page – great stuff!

How to Make a Banner with PIXLR – YouTube Video

Visit Dawn’s Site


Another great free tool is Sumo Paint.

Sumo Paint Help – Videos and help on every feature!

Most favorited images.

eduTecher’s intro to Sumo Paint.

Here is a great site with tons of Sumo Paint videos.

The Official YouTube Sumo Paint Channel.

How to edit photos in Sumo Paint.

Mark Brumley discusses Sumo Paint and other free editors.

Let Your Students’ Creativity Flourish

Fun with Sumo Paint in the Classroom

Ideas for the Classroom for PIXLR and Sumo Paint:

  • Let students retell their favorite story in digital form.
  • Have students illustrate their own stories or essays to create a digital storybook.
  • Have students take a picture, upload, then add layers to make it amazing.
  • Upload or create a graphic organizer, then help the students create and drag layers to where they belong on the organizer.
  • Use as an alternative to Noteshare for SmartBoard presentations!
  • Wonderful for step-by-step teaching, such as an algebra problem (layering).
  • Spatial relationships (3D effects).

cake decorating for beginners

This is information for beginners – although I will add tips and tricks for intermediate and advanced decorators below:

I am highlighting the basket weave pattern today, as that is the focus of my one-day class at Sanford Community Adult Education this week:

Wilton’s YouTube Video on how to do the basketweave pattern.


Printable – How to do the BasketWeave Pattern.


The recipe below at allrecipes.com.



  • 2 cups butter
  • 2 cups shortening
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 tablespoon and 1 teaspoon clear imitation vanilla extract
  • 16 cups confectioners’ sugar
Notes from other bakers:
  • Beat shortening and butter together for 20 minutes.
  • Cut back some on sugar
  • Increase vanilla and add a touch of almond extract

facebook 101

Here are some simple and useful tips, tricks and resources for those new to Facebook, or not quite onboard yet:

More advanced users might enjoy some of these links: