protecting your computer against viruses

If your computer is telling you that your antivirus subscription has run out, and you need to “click here to fix”, this post is for you. You MUST have a working antivirus that is constantly updating, but it doesn’t have to cost you a thin dime to get one. I highly recommend AVAST Free, although there are others out there. Check out CNET from time to time for their recommendations on utilities to keep your computer in great shape.

You must remove the old antivirus before installing AVAST Free. Here are the steps:

1. Install and run ccleaner. I recommend running both “Cleaner” and “Registry” once a week.

2. Click on “Tools” then “Startup”.

3. Find any items in that list related to your current antivirus that needs to be removed. Click on each item followed by “disable”.

4. Reboot the computer.

5. Reopen ccleaner, go back to “Tools” and this time, in the “unistall” list, find and uninstall any items related to your current antivirus.

6. Reboot the computer again. You’ll be getting warnings during both reboots that your pc is no longer protected… we’ll fix that in the next step.

7. Download and install AVAST Free.

8. Reboot the computer.

9. Go get a nice cup of tea 🙂

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