Unclaimed Property

As I’m from Maine, I’m highlighting the State of Maine’s Unclaimed Property page. However, please be aware that each state has a similar page. States are required to hold MILLIONS of dollars in unclaimed property, and to do all they can to get it back in the hands of the taxpayers. I heard about the Maine page from one of our State Senators.

Although my husband and I only had $12.75 in unclaimed property (we ordered a pizza), I have, in only the past several weeks, been able to alert people I know to thousands of dollars they had coming to them. The text messages, emails and Facebook “thank yous” began in earnest this past Friday.

Please check to see if you or your business might have any unclaimed money due. Also, please check for folks you know – especially elderly friends and family members. I am seeing a lot of matured stocks and bonds amounting to quite a lot of money.

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