Meeting Owl Pro Portal

We are thrilled to have Meeting Owl Pro devices in our local school district. These guys not only hoot, but they also make hybrid teaching/learning a breeze. I’m using this post to pull together as many helpful videos & articles as possible to help our teachers utilize their Meeting Owls with ease. Please share anything with me that you think would be helpful – including your own videos from the classroom!

Beginners/New Users:

START HERE: OWL Labs Support Center (Getting Started & Troubleshooting)

OWL Labs Education Guide (downloadable)

Quick Demo from a Teacher – The OWL in action! (4 min)

A Teacher Demonstrates Meeting Owl with Zoom (8 min) This video clearly explains how to toggle around during a Zoom class.

Using Google Meet with Meeting Owl Pro (6 min)

Intermediate/Advanced Users:

Pairing Two Meeting Owls (Two classrooms can meet up!)

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